Week 7

Combat Forecast

It would probably be extremely helpful if one could see the outcome of a decision in a tactical strategy game. After all, the player must weigh the pros and cons of a single decision as in DinosWars, a single decision could be whether a unit lives or dies. Thus we decided to have a UI that displays all the information that happens between two units during combat.

This UI only appears when the player decides to attack. If the player hovers over a unit in attack range with the cursor, the player will have access to the player’s unit’s combat information (which includes the unit’s weapon, accessories, and in the future the unit’s current HP, damage to be dealt, the unit’s hit chance, and chance to critical hit) and the combat information of the enemy unit the player wishes to attack. This way, the player will be able to calculate their odds in coming out of the battle victorious.
The UI is 100% dynamic. If the player decides to change weapons before attacking, the combat UI will display the change.

All numbers involved in the UI as of right now are dummy values.

The UI may later change to display the current stamina of the units involved as well. As of right now, the combat is simply dealing a set amount of damage. We do not yet have an actual combat algorithm designed, but this UI may change to accommodate more relevant information when the combat algorithm is implemented.


Work has begun on different types of terrain besides grass. Currently there is nothing front end to show but the different types of terrain are currently being implemented in the back end. This will be a heavy focus in future weeks.

Merge Conflicts

Since both my code and Mins code had to touch a lot of the same files, we had merge conflict issues this week. This took me a while to iron out but now everything up to this weeks updates have been merged together and work on the same branch.

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