Week 6

Character Inventory Manipulation

The player can now not only access their unit’s inventory, but also change what the character is equipping, and how the character wishes to organize the inventory. For the sake of the simple UI, the first button will represent the character’s equipped weapon, the second button will represent the character’s equipped accessory (that currently doesn’t have a purpose in the game right now), and the rest of the buttons are the the inventory slots. A character can hold up to 5 items in their inventory at a time.

As demonstrated, the character can move their equipped weapon into their inventory, swap item positions within the inventory, and re-equip a different weapon.

Character Data Display

It would be pretty helpful to view a character’s basic information at some point in the game. Thus we’ve decided to show this information when the player selects a unit. (The numbers shown are placeholders).

But only showing the player’s information would be not as helpful, thus the player can see the information of enemies as well. (These numbers are no longer placeholder numbers).

The character data display will possibly show more information than the currently shown display. Possible additions could be the character’s current class, the character’s current equipped weapon, and the character’s current equipped accessory.

Bug Fixes in Movement

There was a variety of bug fixes regarding movement, display of movement and multiple actions.

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