Week 5

Demo Update

On Friday, February 19, 2021, we had our first demo update on the status of our game. At that point, we had most of everything we wanted done from the previous week with the difference of an idle animation of the units on the field and adding a more permanent grass tile sprite. Some tweaking needed to be done upon turn changes to ensure the animation cycles lined up.

Accessing the Inventory

Each individual unit now has access to a List of Item objects, or in game terms, an inventory. The inventory will be where the player will be able to use consumable items or swap out the selected unit’s current equipped weapon to one in that unit’s inventory. As of right now, the only thing implemented is the player’s ability to access and view the inventory of the unit.

As shown above, the player can now view the inventory menu, exit out of the menu, and proceed with their turn.

Selection and Moving Animations

These two animations are in the works of being implemented. Upon selection, the character will enter this animation. Upon moving, the unit will enter this animation played at double speed. Depending on which direction the unit is moving, the sprite will flip along the x-axis so simulate actual movement direction.

This image above demonstrates the selection animation. The animation when returning to the Idle state must be tweaked as the animation cycles are out of sync with the rest of the units on the map.

The image above demonstrates the movement animation as of right now. As mentioned before, the animations do not 100% work (for some unknown reason that must be researched and tested).

Multiple Actions per Turn

Units can now take multiple actions in one turn. For now that just means they can attack and move in one turn instead of having to choose whether they want to move or attack in the given turn.

The above GIF demonstrates that units can take multiple actions per turn. The panel also now grays out when a unit has used a certain action. The current implementation requires you to choose to pass once you are done moving a unit but that will be changed so that once a unit has exhausted its actions it will automatically pass.

There are some minor issues with the AI implementation of multiple actions that also must be fixed. The AI units are not always able to take all the actions they should be. This will manifest in some different ways that cause different issues. Most of the issues seem relatively easy to fix.

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