Week 3

Types of TILES

(February 2, 2021)
The tiles can now be different types of tiles! Since the map is made up of individual tiles that the units can step on, they must have differing types since terrain exists and can influence the battlefield.

Different tile types will affect the unit standing on said tile in different ways. Grass tiles are the usual and will do nothing while forest tiles will give the unit a boost in their chances to dodge incoming attacks.

Moving to Unity

(February 8, 2020)
Due to issues of convenience, we have decided to move the project from Godot to Unity. As a team, the two of us know how to operate Unity much more skillfully than Godot. Thus, in order to create the best product that we can, we made the decision to move the game to Unity.

As of today, the entirety of what we had in Godot is now officially moved to the Unity Engine.

In Godot, we had originally coded in our prototype, which had the movement of our units finished. Upon our move to Unity, some of the implementation that was previously hardcoded as now been switch to procedural implementation that can now be tweaked from other areas of the code. Level generation has also thus been moved from being stored in the scene originally to being generated upon instantiation of the scene.

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