Week 10

Updated UI

After some feedback from the demo update, we decided to update the action menu from a vertical panel to a circular layout to avoid the possibility of the the menu getting cut off the screen.

Ranged Attacks

The player and enemies can now attack from a range. Most ranged weapons will have the upside of gaining the advantage of being able to attack from a distance and possibly not take any damage, but comes with the downside of being unable to counter attack at a close distance. Some, such as throwing axes, can be used to attack in melee range, or from a distance with the trade off of a dip in avoidance.

In the image above, our newest unit, Viizi, wields the Flint Bow while the placeholder enemy wields a Flint Spear. The bow as an attack range of 2, thus Viizi is able to attack the enemy unit, but is unable to attack the tiles nearest to him. Vice versa, the enemy is unable to counterattack (as evident in the combat forecast), allowing Viizi to get in a free hit.
The opposite will also be true. If Viizi ends up getting attacked by the enemy next turn, he will be unable to counterattack as the attacking range of the enemy is less than the minimum range of his weapon.

Inventory Bug Fixes

The inventory of our game had a couple of bugs where it would not unequip weapons and accessories properly. This has thus been fixed.

Classes and Skills

The framework for classes and skills has been implemented. Units can now have a class and can be given skills. The next order of business is to implement a UI so that the player can choose exactly which skills they want from within a given units skill tree and then to implement actual functionality of skills and classes.

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