Weekly Update

Weekly Updates for DinosWars!

Week 3

Types of TILES (February 2, 2021)The tiles can now be different types of tiles! Since the map is made up of individual tiles that the units can step on, they must have differing types since terrain exists and can influence the battlefield. Different tile types will affect the unit standing on said tile in different …

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Week 2

Unfortunately, nothing eventful happened due to the Global Game Jam happening this weekend. By next week, the tile should have properties such as terrain types and all the bonuses (and negative effects) that accompany those terrain types should be implemented. The act of choosing to attack and dealing damage should also be implemented.Sprite work will …

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Week 1

Hello and welcome to our game! This will be a tactical turn based RPG game based on dinosaurs, magic, and friendship. Although planning started Fall 2020, actual implementation has not yet started.