Weekly Update

Weekly Updates for DinosWars!

Week 13

Updated Demo We have an updated demo that shows off our game! You can download it from the following link: Some updates include the addition of a word map to select levels from!

Week 12

Skills Skills now affect the units stats. The stats that are able to be affected currently are the units base stats, its stat growth coefficients, and its critical strike damage multiplier. The next step will be to create a UI for skills to be selected by the player and to make more classes and skills.

Week 11

Combat Animation (The Jiggle) A short simple combat animation has been added. Upon attacking, the character will now jiggle back and forth towards the enemy. A damage number has also been added, displaying the damage dealt by the unit if the unit hit, and displaying a big “Miss” if the unit did miss. This way, …

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Week 10

Updated UI After some feedback from the demo update, we decided to update the action menu from a vertical panel to a circular layout to avoid the possibility of the the menu getting cut off the screen. Ranged Attacks The player and enemies can now attack from a range. Most ranged weapons will have the …

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Week 9

Demo Week! Our game now has a playable demo! Here it is! CLICK HERE to download! All updates made this week will be reflected in the demo. This includes an playable map, implementation of stamina penalty in combat, critical hits implemented in combat, and a boss unit that will not move. Going Forward… In the …

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Week 8

Coming off of Spring Break, we implemented some more difficult implementations that would further our game’s core gameplay. Healing The beginnings of magic have been implemented. The most basic, and arguably the most important, usage of magic in a game where taking damage is a strategic consequence, healing, has been implemented. Below, we have the …

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Week 7

Combat Forecast It would probably be extremely helpful if one could see the outcome of a decision in a tactical strategy game. After all, the player must weigh the pros and cons of a single decision as in DinosWars, a single decision could be whether a unit lives or dies. Thus we decided to have …

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Week 6

Character Inventory Manipulation The player can now not only access their unit’s inventory, but also change what the character is equipping, and how the character wishes to organize the inventory. For the sake of the simple UI, the first button will represent the character’s equipped weapon, the second button will represent the character’s equipped accessory …

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Week 5

Demo Update On Friday, February 19, 2021, we had our first demo update on the status of our game. At that point, we had most of everything we wanted done from the previous week with the difference of an idle animation of the units on the field and adding a more permanent grass tile sprite. …

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Week 4

Sprite Work Meet our main characters, Tatam (left) and Asku (right). Fixing Movement Before this week, the act of selecting a location for the selected unit to move to was done purely through coordinates. This, we found, would not work for a maps of various sizes and was not scalable, thus we had to fix …

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